The Importance of Having a Social Media Marketing Agency

First and foremost, a social media agency should take your brand’s social media from “a thing you do” to “a thing that makes you money” With an estimated 2.65 billion people worldwide using social media, it’s no mystery that having a social media account for your business has the ability to increase visibility – and sales – tremendously. But a

The Importance of Web Design

While websites do different things – inform visitors, sell merchandise, and provide contact points – they all share a commonality in the love and effort that should go into the user experience. Your website is the fundamental cornerstone of your online presence, and when a prospect wants to learn more about you and make a judgement about your business, they

The Cost of Ignoring ADA Compliance

In 2018 the number of website accessibility lawsuits filed in federal court increased by 177%. Heavy hitting lawsuits surrounding ADA compliant websites are cropping up all across the country – most of them in New York and (South) Florida! And while these states are often considered litigation capitals filled with “opportunists” – to be polite – we ought still accept….

Be Brand Ready for the Holidays

The Holiday Season is nearly nipping at your nose. Pumpkin spice latte’s have been spilled in many an Uber, and stores are stocking up on fall scented candles and multi-colored leaf decorations. It’s time to make sure your brand is prepared for the biggest sales season of the year. Getting your brand ready for the holidays might seem overwhelming but…