John Hunter, Founder of Hunter Fans, invented the first ceiling fan over 100 years ago. The company has been a leader in the field since the late 1800’s. Hunter Fans, and their sister company Casablanca Fans, have expanded tremendously to become a household staple across the United States, and they are known ubiquitously for their dominant presence in stores like The Home Depot.

Whitewall Media was brought on for marketing consulting in 2016 to spearhead a cross-cultural expansion of the brand, as Hunter Fan Company sought to expand their presences and sales funnel outside of the United States. Whitewall Media masterminded a comprehensive solution to develop a Latin-American focused marketing division of Hunter Fans.

Whitewall performed initial market research, taking into consideration that each of the eight recommended Latin-American based “expansion-countries” use different Spanish dialects, and we performed research on messaging and audience options. We then developed language-specific branding materials, content, and advertising strategies – including the roll-out out eight social media platforms tailored for each of the targeted countries. And finally, we designed and developed a singular website, which would be able to incorporate multiple bank account integrations and inventory funnels. The website is built with full e-commerce functionality and digital security, allowing Hunter Fan Company to successfully engage directly in sales with international consumers.

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