From their factory to your home, the original and famous Mojo Criollo blend and other unique marinades has earned a spot as a kitchen favorite in households and restaurants for almost 50 years!

The name “La Lechonera” was first introduced as a very popular restaurant chain in the Miami area in the 1960’s known for its delicious food, especially pork. Customer’s enjoyed the food so much they began to ask for samples of the marinades used to marinate the meats. The demand became so high the family began to bottle their famous mojo soon after.

La Lechonera Products was the first company to bottle the original “Mojo Criollo” in the United States. La Lechonera Products is a family owned business now on its third generation of ownership.

Whitewall Media has been proud to help La Lechonera since 2013, building the website, creating and running their social media presence, graphic design, digital advertising, photography, print work, and more.

“Whitewall Media has been a key ingredient to the growth we’ve seen over the past three years. The team has helped us with promoting La Lechonera and our signature Mojo marinade online – we reach hundreds of thousands of people every month. Our strong online presence in South Florida and across the country has contributed to a surge in overall sales. I’m a strong believer in Nick and the team, we recommend them highly.”

– Luis Mejuto, Jr.

We encourage you to try a bottle of the delicious Mojo Criollo, Naranja Agria, or Limón Tropical today. Learn more at

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