The Importance of Having a Social Media Marketing Agency

April 1, 2020
Person standing at a desk

First and foremost, a social media agency should take your brand’s social media from “a thing you do” to “a thing that makes you money” With an estimated 2.65 billion people worldwide using social media, it’s no mystery that having a social media account for your business has the ability to increase visibility – and sales – tremendously. But a strong and well produced social media presence requires a lot of work. In fact, even a simple social media presence can take 25-50 hours a month of careful audience grooming and content development. Let’s cut to the chase.

A professional social media team will take you to the next level with:

  1. Engagement: Although your business may lock the doors at 5:00 pm, your social media never stops. Constant engagement across multiple platforms can add tremendous stress to one person, but having a social media team manage your account reduces that worry. And the best social media agencies, like Whitewall Media, will ensure that your customer service is running 24/7 – because your customers may engage with you at any point, day or night time. The best social media managers will also set up marketing automation – to create instant replies and automatically send emails or text messages as needed.
  2. Posting: A professional team can help you get the groove of what themes your audience prefers, and what time and day those posts should go out. Also, what hashtags, geotags, and mentions can be used to increase organic visibility. More importantly, this will all be done based on a branding style guide, so all of your published assets will look consistent and clean, in terms of colors and fonts. 
  3. Advertising: Top advertising agencies, like Whitewall Media, are worth their weight in gold. Clients can often earn 5x – 10x returns on what they invest into advertising, with carefully calculated strategies. Understanding how to research your audience, and how to test audiences and ad creative within different advertising platforms, takes a tremendous amount of studying and practice. And things change all the time – for example if you missed out on Lead Gen Ads rolling into Instagram or LinkedIn – or you don’t quite feel like switching to Campaign Level optimization in Facebook ads – you’re missing out big time.
  4. Technology: Understanding all the different social media platforms, their audiences, and the ROI they can produce – is a full time job. What is the value of YouTube advertising relative to TikTok advertising, what is the value of a website landing page relative to a Facebook Lead Form, or how would email campaigns compare to social media campaigns? Understanding the environment, and all the platforms around this digital universe, provides a huge lead to any brand. A professional team should have a solid lay of the land from the start, in terms of the effectiveness of various platforms, although some testing is always needed to set benchmarks uniquely for each brand.


Hiring a group of social media experts distributes the response workload and makes sure there’s always someone there to help. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, many small businesses have been forced to shut down for the time being. It’s a strange time for sure, but Whitewall Media continues to work hard for their clients and make sure that they’re social media needs are met 24/7. If you need help during these times, our business is here to serve you. Our company goes to great lengths to make sure our clients have a profiting online presence.

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