The Importance of Web Design

February 28, 2020

While websites do different things – inform visitors, sell merchandise, and provide contact points – they all share a commonality in the love and effort that should go into the user experience. Your website is the fundamental cornerstone of your online presence, and when a prospect wants to learn more about you and make a judgement about your business, they will often to your website. Despite having all the information you can possibly think of plastered right there on the site, you may be experiencing low lead generation counts, and lagging repeat website visitors. It’s a common experience, and websites are expensive, so there is a lot of hesitancy to get a refresh. 

You may still be asking, is forking over big bucks for an aesthetic redesign really worth it? Well, here a few things to consider:

  1. First Impressions Matter – You must have really great website design, because first impressions matter, and people are more picky about your web design than ever in this digital age. Did you know most people make their judgement of a website within five seconds? If your website appears outdated, or there is inconsistency in your branding, your audience can have a negative response to your business. The website won’t appeal to your audience, which will deter them from your brand. Like a fresh haircut or a clean suit, looking good goes a long way.

  2. Building Trust with your Audience –  First impressions aside, it’s time to get your audience to stick to your website and content like a fly on honey. The longer a person is on your site, the more likely you can share your story with them, and convert them. And it builds your SEO ranking – which helps for future prospecting! To build trust, make sure that the you identify their pain point first, to show you understand. Explain your purpose for being here to resolve those points. And “speak to one person at a time” in your copy. If the audience sees that your information looks useful and properly directed to them, they will see and then like and then trust your content. Building trust with your audience is crucial and it is a relationship building process.

  3. Consistency is Key – When you are trying to get new leads, it is important to maintain your brand consistency. If you publish content, maintain a consistent schedule. Maintain consistency in fonts and colors. And you want to be sure your website reflects the same imagery and copy as the advertising campaigns, newsletters, and other marketing materials you have floating around the universe – that way leads feel most comfortable as they land on the site. Follow these tips and you’ll see the conversion rates on your landing pages will life substantially higher!

The look and feel of your website plays a vital role in the success of your marketing campaigns. If you want to achieve the best results for your company online, you need a website that will encourage people to learn more about the business. At Whitewall Media, we have a team of experts that can help you with web design and development. 

If you’re ready to start building your new website, or simply need a refresh or a few pages added on, contact us today at 305.250.2205. 

We look forward to helping your business grow!